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KBCS/BIC represented the owners of Ukrainian dairy company Molochniy Dom (operating under “Fanni” trademark), in the sale of a business to Lactalis Group (France)

Lactalis Group has reached the agreement with the owners of “Molochniy Dom”, which produces and sells in Ukraine dairy products under the well-known brand “Fanni”, regarding the purchase of business, a company press release stated.

Lactalis Group, the second largest dairy company in the world, owns 124 dairy production units, 46 of which are located outside of France. In 2007 the consolidated turnover of the group has reached approximately USD 11.7 billion.

Molochniy Dom owns dairy plants in Pavlograd and in Vinnica Region and has 10 branches in all regions of Ukraine. Molochniy Dom produces 35 000 t of dairy products per year, with the sales of above MUSD 50.

The transaction will create the leading top 3 dairy company in Ukraine.

KBCS/BIC provided financial advisory services to the owners of Molochniy Dom.

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